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Monday, November 16, 2015

Update for the Upstate Food Co-op      16 November 2015

Upstate Food Co-op Weekly Update 
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Upstate Food Co-op Update for week of 16-23 November 2015

General Membership Meeting: Please join us for the next meeting this Thursday, November 19th, at 7pm at the Clemson-Central Library. Business meeting first and then we will have Speaker Dr. Dodgens from Clemson Eye. The topic is Eye Health and how to preserve it.
You are welcome to attend the Manager's Meeting this Saturday at 9:00am at the co-op.    Holiday Closing: We will be closed Thanksgiving day only. Friday and Saturday hours will be per usual.    Happy Cow Delivery Help found: Thank you, Paul Kelly for taking up this role.    The Fall Newsletter is available: Click here to see it.    New Hours  Saturdays: We are Now Open on All Saturdays  Fridays: 12:00-2:00pm  until we have managers to cover the full shift.   
Secretary Needed (Officer position - 0% markup): The Secretary takes minutes at the monthly manager meetings & quarterly general membership meetings, sends out the Weekly Update and all email communications to members & managers. Computer skills are required, including basic knowledge of Word and Excel; familiarity with Google Docs a plus. If you are interested or want to learn more please contact Theresa Pizzuto.

  • The next delivery will be on Thursday, November 19th. The next order deadline will be Monday, November 23 by 2 pm, for delivery on Thursday, December 3.
  • We had a produce delivery last Wednesday (11/11).
  • Email or call our Produce Manager Susan Staal with special orders or if you have local produce you would like to sell through the Co-op call 864-638-5675. or email susan@moondancehollow.com.
  • Megaflora (currently 33% off wholesale) located in the refrigerator door where eggs are
  • Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade is in. Look in the fridge for special orders, on the shelf for general purchase. Mixed sizes, quarts and pints.
  • Happy Cow Bleu Cheese
  • Sherpa Pink Himalayan salt (fine grind) is on the shelf now, the coarse grind remains to be processed.
  • New Gluten-Free products at the Co-op just in time for holiday baking & gifts:
    • Midel graham style pie crust
    • Bob's Red Mill 1 to1 baking flour
    • Glutino Yankee cornbread mix 
    • Namaste spice/carrot cake mix
    • Blue Diamond pepperjack nut thins
    • Glutino original crackers  
    • Mary's Gone Crackers kale thins.
  • Res-Q-Dent for Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste, Spearmint 3 oz
  • Produce: Happy Cow apples, Pink Lady, Cameo, Golden Del. and Ginger Gold's .
  • Bulk: Bing cherries and wild rice blend
  • Supplements: Pure Encapsulations is in.
  • Refrigerated & Frozen: Smoky kale kraut, Dimpflmeier rye breads
  • Local honey in jars and bulk
  • Will place a Douglas Labs order as soon we can get the $300.00 free shipping minimum amount.  This is a great product that Dr. Charlie Campbell and Dr. Duffy also use.
CONSIGNMENT: New items go on display the third week of each month.
  • Now Available:  5 pack of Christmas Cards and a 2016 Calendar bundle.
  • Check out the clearance prices on the beaded anklets in the consignment baskets.
  • Coming in November:  individual hand stamped Christmas cards, "rag bag" style tote bags, and variegated knitted fashion scarves.   
  • Want to add your handmade items to the consignment display?  Contact Sheri at sheri.gagnon@gmail.com or call the store on Tuesday between 10am and 2pm.
DISCONTINUED ITEMS: Nothing new this week.

  • The Happy Cow delivery will be on Tuesday (17th) this week
  • Some Bleu Cheese is available.
  • Happy Cow is having an anniversary sale starting Sat. Oct. 3.
  • They will feature: local but not listed as organic, SC sweet potato, NC Mountain cabbage and new crop NC Mountain apples red and yellow.
  • We have apples: Pink Lady, Cameo, Golden Delicious and Ginger Golds.  They may not look real pretty but according to Tom at HC they are at minimum sprayed and not waxed and from small local orchards.  Call Co-op for updates.
  • When placing orders you must place your order before Monday.
  • You can call in your order and leave a message. Messages are checked early Monday morning before the order goes in.
  • We received our order of local milk and have a good supply.
  • Limited time for ordering eggnog from Happy Cow.
  • Eggs are due later in the week. Distributors have been called.
  • Since the supply continues to be low we ask that members limit their purchase to 2 dozen per family.
  • Please note that eggs are stored in the refrigerator by the supplements.
  • If you would like to sell eggs through the Co-op please contact Lori Pierce for more information (Mondays at the Co-op or call her at 843-2584).


With the holidays, the 4th Friday ordering date will be adjusted for November and December:
  • November order deadline is (11/25) with expected delivery (12/3)
  • December order deadline is (12/22) with expected delivery 12/31
  • January should be back to normal (1/22).


  • New supply of honey both jars and bulk
  • Sourwood honey is available in 5 gallon buckets for $210.
  • Bee Pollen and propolis are gone until next year.
  • Sami's Bread -Ordered Monday, November 9 with delivery on the 12th.
  • The next order for Dimpflmeier rye bread will go in sometime in Early November. Date will be provided later depending on new orders coming in.
  • It is double wrapped and inner sealed so keeps well for a long time in the freezer. http://www.dimpfbreadex.com/dbx2k-index.htm   If we do not meet our minimum of 40 loaves then the order will be pushed forward 2 more weeks.
  • TO ORDER Dimpflmeier Bread: Place in Black Notebooks on Counter under D for Dimpflmeier. The order sheets are in there. You can also email your order to secretary2@upstatefoodcoop.com.
  • Check the discounted rack for Gluten Free products.
  • Please provide Gluten Free product suggestions for what you would like to see on the shelf to Lynn Burkett at lynnburkett@bellsouth.net.
  • Always looking for good suggestions for new gluten free products.

WANT TO HELP?? We have need for people to help with the following:
Contact Theresa Pizzuto

  • Marketing Manager
  • Newsletter writers to write short articles for quarterly newsletter.
  • Herb/Spice bulk packager
  • Pet Food Delivery receiving & processing (Wednesday every 2-3 mos.)
  • Bulk packagers
  • Produce Crew (1x/month Thursday morning at 11am)
  • Cashiers to work weekly
  • White Message Board updates
  • Communications Manager
  • Building maintenance (carpentry, plumbing, etc.)

Health Discussion: Discussion of health issues at the Clemson Library the 2nd Tuesday each month at 7pm. All are welcome to attend (next meeting Tuesday 12/8). For further information contact Gary at 864-868-0107 or Lori at 864-843-2584.

CLASSIFIED SECTION: Have you checked our classified ads on the Co-op Website lately? All members may advertise here. Check it out via the following link:

Spread the Word: The Co-op now has printed business information cards. Please ask for some and pass them out when you tell your friends about us!

Enjoy your week! 

Frances & Tiffany  2014-15 General Managers

Co-op Hours of Operation: 
Monday:              10:00am - 2:00pm
Tuesday:             10:00am - 2:00pm
Wednesday:               CLOSED
Thursday:              3:00pm -7:00pm
Friday:                 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Saturday:              10:00am- 4:00pm
Sunday:                      CLOSED

PHONE:          864.868.3105

FAX:                 864.868.4582

Website:     www.upstatefoodcoop.com

Special Order Assistance: Ordering assistance is available between noon and 2:00pm on Mondays at the Co-op. If you need help with placing a special order for UNFI or one of our Direct Order Companies, call (864-868-3105) or stop by to speak with Lori Pierce or Theresa Pizzuto. For assistance via email, contact Theresa at theresa.pizzuto@gmail.com

General Membership Meeting: The next meeting will be Thursday November 19. Speaker Dr. Dodgens from Clemson Eye. The topic is Eye Health and how to preserve it.

Work Teams Follow-up: Thank you to those who attended the November General Membership meeting and joined the work teams that were formed. To see the work teams please visit this LINK. If you would like to join a team please respond to this email - we need more people on most of the teams. To view the PowerPoint presentation that was shared at the meeting visit this LINK. Read the meeting minutes HERE. See the suggestions shared at the meeting at this LINK.

Work Team Updates: To view reports from the work teams that have met to date, visit this link.

Innovation Task Force Update: The last meeting was Thursday, Sept. 6th at 7pm the Central-Clemson Library. Minutes from previous meetings are located here. If you have ideas or want to be involved please contact Theresa Pizzuto or Sara Newton.

Input Wanted from Co-op Members:
We have started a monthly Speaker's Forum on Health and Nutrition.  We need your feedback!  What topics would you like to know more about? Please email your ideas, suggestions to Echo Macdonald,

Calendar: 2015 Board of Directors (6pm) and General Membership Meeting Dates (7pm) at the Central-Clemson Library:

  • Thursday, November 19, 2015
  • Thursday, February 18, 2016

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 Winter Newsletter is here.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Co-op Produce Update (11-11-15)

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Upstate Food Co-op 

Produce this week 11-11-15)

If you have local produce you would like to sell through the Co-op please contact our Produce Manager Susan Staal at  susan@moondancehollow.com or 864-638-5675.

The next produce delivery will be on Wednesday, December 9th and available Thursday, December 10th.

The Produce Crew
Produce This Week
  • Beets (Red)
  • Carrots (Rainbow)
  • Celery
  • Collard Greens
  • Grapefruit
  • Kale (Lacinato)
  • Lemons
  • Oranges (Navel)
  • Pomegranates
  • Pumpkin
  • Russet Potatoes
  • Squash (Butternut)
  • Squash (Kabocha)
  • Wheat Grass Sprouts
  • Yellow Onions
Local Produce
  • Several varieties of Apples
Frozen and Refrigerated Grocery Items
  • White Oaks Pasture Ground Beef - 1.# packages
  • Tofu - 1# packages
Sale Items
  • Lemons
  • Celery
  • Carrots
Out of Stock by Supplier
  • Avocados
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Lettuce

Produce Information & Tips

Nutrition - Pomegranate

Packed with antioxidants equal to those in green tea and red wine, and especially loaded with vitamin C and potassium, pomegranates are believed to help:

  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease [6]
  • Lower Risk of Cancer, Especially Prostate and Breast [7]
  • Lessen Symptoms of Diarrhea [8]
  • Reduce Cholesterol [9]
  • Control Your Weight [10]
  • Fight Cell Damage [11]

Pomegranates are one of the few fruits where the juice is just as beneficial as the fruit or seeds. The peel, which you can't eat, contains the most antioxidants, and they are released in abundance when the fruit is squeezed for juicing.

Note: Eating pomegranates might interfere with certain medications in the same way that grapefruit juice does. Be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist about drug interactions.

Pomegranate's wine-red juice will stain your fingers, clothes, and countertops! Be careful with these.

The pomegranate is an intricate fruit that contains a maze of seeds inside an encapsulation of bark-like, inedible flesh. It may initially look daunting but there is an easy way to get to all those nutritious, sweet and juicy seeds.

  1. Cut off the crown (you'll see it) and discard in your compost pile.
  2. Score and slice the rind all around, but don't cut the rind all the way through.
  3. Soak the pomegranate face down in cold water for about ten minutes.
  4. While the pomegranate is still in the bowl of water, break apart the scored rinds, and remove the seeds from the flesh (the seeds will sink to the bottom of your bowl).
  5. Remove the rind and membrane from the bowl with a sieve or spoon.
  6. Drain the seeds with a colander and pat dry with a paper towel.

To get the most out of an organic pomegranate, eat the seeds while they're at their freshest and juiciest. This is when their therapeutic powers are at their peak!

Some people suck the juice out and spit out the seed. This is a personal choice but most of the beneficial fiber comes from the seed so it is beneficial to eat it and a waste to ignore it. Organic pomegranate seeds are bursting with a delicious, pleasant, slightly acidic flavor that has all the sweetness of cranberries without the tartness.


I suggest sprinkling the seeds on a green salad or a fruit salad. You'll be surprised at the awesome extra taste sensation this provides. You can add them to any recipe that calls for fruit or seeds, too. Pomegranates are often used in Middle Eastern dishes and make a great cranberry-style sauce.

Organic pomegranate seeds are also perfectly delicious eaten all by themselves.


Sweet and Spicy Kabocha Squash



  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F Line a baking sheet with a silicon baking liner or parchment paper.
  2. De-seed and cut the squash into slices about 1/4 inch thick.
  3. Combine all the dry ingredients. Toss the squash slices in this until coated thoroughly. Add the soy sauce and toss well again.
  4. Spread the slices in a singler layer on the baking sheet and drizzle them with the oil.
  5. Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes, then turn over, drizzle with more oil and sprinkle more sugar, and bake for an additional 10-15 minutes.
  6. Serve hot or at room temperature.
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